C.O.P. wants to share the privilege of living in a country with clean, healthy and plentiful water. Whether drinking water, sanitation, river, lake or ocean clean up, there is plenty of work to do in protecting our most vital resource - water. All profits from the still and sparkling C.O.P. drinking water goes to supporting charities committed to this work worldwide. Our water is Austrian spring water, filtered through coal to give us the purest taste. We chose a new charity every 4 months.

Currently we are supporting the charity “Drop in the Bucket”. They build wells and sanitation systems at schools and teach the importance of clean water, hands and living spaces – empowering children (particularly girls) to go to school instead of spending hours fetching water. Their goal is to provide schools and communities with tools they need to improve child health, increase school enrolment rates and promote gender equality. Their commitment involves more than just drilling a well, they also train the local community in basic well maintenance, so that the wells are fully sustainable.


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